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With spending and interest-earning savings accounts, Climb™ tools to cultivate money mindfulness and PayPerks®, our learn-and-earn financial literacy rewards program, Kudzu is the online financial solution that puts you on the path to growth.
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Move and manage your money
Our online spending and savings accounts help you securely use and grow your money, your way.
Convenient Spending Accounts
Easily access and manage your money with a Kudzu spending account.
View and use your digital Kudzu Visa® Debit Card in the app to start making purchases as soon as you open your account. You can expect your physical card with activation instructions seven to 10 business days after you’ve added your initial funds.
Interest-earning Savings Accounts
Let your money work for you with a Kudzu savings account.
Easily transfer money when you need it, effortlessly grow your funds with automated transfers and track all your progress in the mobile app. Earn more than three times the national average annual percentage yield (APY)1.
Kudzu application savings account activity screen showing transfers to and from the spending account as well as interest postings.
Let your ambitions take root with Climb
Each element of this toolkit is designed to help you build money mindfulness and smart financial habits. Think of it as your travel bag—everything you might need for your journey ahead.
With Climb™ you can practice mindful spending with SpendSense Alerts™, protect yourself with insufficient funds with Covered by Kudzu™, and plan for the future with Savings HabitsWith Climb™ you can practice mindful spending with SpendSense Alerts™, protect yourself with insufficient funds with Covered by Kudzu™, and plan for the future with Savings Habits
SpendSense Alerts™
Practice mindful spending by creating daily, weekly and monthly thresholds for yourself. We’ll notify2 you anytime you exceed your spending limits.
Covered by Kudzu™
Overspending happens, but we’ll never charge you overdraft fees. Protect yourself from insufficient funds by opting-in to set up automatic funds flows from qualified savings accounts for up to 10 charges per month3.
Saving Habits
Plan for the future at your own pace when you set up customizable automatic deposits from checking to savings. 
“Learn & Earn” with PayPerks4
When you use your Kudzu debit card or complete a learning module, you’ll earn points towards our monthly sweepstakes to win cash prizes! 
PayPerks is an interactive, gamified way to learn about personal finance and using your Kudzu accounts.
Our learning modules walk you through quick, actionable and easy-to-consume tutorials and quiz you on what you’ve learned. Start strengthening your financial literacy and independence with nearly 100 different modules that take only minutes to complete.
Topics include:
  • Budgeting and Saving
  • Privacy and Security
  • Job Interview Tips
  • Managing Debt
  • Using Your Kudzu Account
  • And more
The more you learn,
the more you'll earn.
As you move through the modules and make purchases with your debit card, you’ll be rewarded with points that enter you into our monthly sweepstakes for cash prizes. So, the more you learn, the more you’ll earn and the more opportunities you’ll have to win!

At the end of each month, we draw more than 100 winners. View the Official Sweepstakes Rules.
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Kudzu is a customer-first online financial solution providing transparent services and customized training for those eager to get on the right path.